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LED Tasklights

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LED tasklight suitable for use with machine tools & medical machines


  • Focused task light for industrial applications

  • Tasklight for vehicles

  • Medical

  • CRI of 90


  • Long service life

  • High quality materials

  • Easy to change positioning

  • Compact and sturdy lamp head

  • Designed lamp head

  • 8' or 40' optics included

Pluto is a LED light designed for industrial and other applications where a small size & flexibility is of importance. Typical application areas: machine tools, vehicles, sewing and textile industry, medical machines and any other applications for lighting up smaller surfaces. LED-technology delivers low energy consumption and long service life as well as high vibration durability and virtually no radiated heat in the light beam. The high CRI-value ensures high quality of the emitted light. 25° optics are fitted, but the lamp is also delivered with interchangeable 8 & 40° optics. It can be supplied with an external plugin adapter for 230V. The adapter’s protection class is IP44. Customized versions are available upon request.

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